Hindu Prince Interview


Hindu Prince Interview


Actual name: Kenneth Nathaniel
Other sobriquets/nicknames: Prince, Chicken Hawk (early)
Date of birth: December 22, 1950
Place of birth:
Awards (as of March 2018): Calypso Monarch National Semi-finals (twice), Humorous Calypso Finals
Best songs/best-known songs: “False Prophet,” “Heartless,” “De Gambler,” Animal Doctor,” “Ram Goat Mentality”
Individuals heard during interview:
HP: Hindu Prince
HM: Hunter Moore
Trinidad and Tobago terms and expressions as used in the interview:
Bulla: a gay man
Coki-eye: cockeyed, watching out of the corner of one’s eye
Doh: don’t
Dougla: an individual of African and Indian descent
Eh: ain’t, can also add emphasis at the end of a phrase
Kentucky: Kentucky Fried Chicken, popular American fast food chain in Trinidad. Prince’s reference to buying a song at Kentucky is a metaphor for singers who buy songs that are quickly produced and lack personality.
Lickrish: greedy
Mamaguy: a person who uses intimidating behavior to accomplish his or her objectives
Mih: my
Mihself: myself
Pukney: homemade gun (per Hindu Prince)
Sampat: an agreement (per Hindu Prince)
Sans humanite’: a traditional calypso melodic refrain, often used for extempo lyrics
UTT: University of Trinidad and Tobago
Whey: what, where




J. Hunter Moore


Hindu Prince (Kenneth Nathaniel)


Subject's home in Flanagin Town, Trinidad and Tobago



Time Summary

Subject sings: 16:15, 18:00, 19:20, 21:17, 23:14, 41:33, 42:04, 45:58
Notes about interview: the original recording has been edited for length